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    1. Products

      Insulation pipe Machine
      Insulation pipe Machine

      One step insulation pipe Machine

      Qingdao Kefengyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has produced one-step insulation pipe equipment for more than 10 years, has accumulated rich technical experience in production practice, and constantly improve the technology to improve the applicability of products. One-step method is to wrap insulating layer and anticorrosive layer on the outer surface of steel pipeline at the same time, and form the anticorrosive layer of pipeline at one time. Compared with similar production technology, this technology can realize continuous operation, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, save resources, and reduce pollution emissions.

           One step insulation pipe equipment is mainly used for the production of large diameter PE insulation pipe. One-step insulation pipe equipment is mainly used in the outer layer of heating pipeline, the middle layer is polyurethane foam layer, the inner layer is steel pipe. One-step insulation pipe equipment is mainly composed of extruder, head, cooling water tank, tractor, cutting machine, pipe jammer, bracket and point electrical control part.