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    1. Products

      Plastic pipe Machine
      Plastic pipe Machine

      Prestressed pipe Machine

      Prestressed bellows are used for post tensioned prestressed concrete structures with circular pipes and flat tubes. A perforated pipe used as a prestressed tendon. It has good corrosion resistance and improves the anticorrosion and protection ability of prestressing tendons. Good physical properties, non-conductive, can prevent stray current corrosion, good sealing performance, no rust; load small, impermeable; high strength, stiffness, good impact resistance, not afraid of stamping. It can reduce the friction loss of prestressing during tension. It is widely used in highway overpasses, viaducts, railway bridges and other concrete projects.
      The main features of prestressed bellows are compact structure, simple process, easy operation, wide application of PE raw materials, less investment, fast return and so on.
      Prestressed bellows equipment consists of SJ series single screw extrusion extrusion die spiral forming die vacuum spray tank tractor sawing machine reversal platform.
      Qingdao Kefengyuan Plastic Machine since its inception, the production of hundreds of sets of pre-stressed bellows equipment, the use of customers throughout the country, excellent technical performance to ensure low cost and high income, well received by customers. Related technical questions, please call us for details.

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