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      Industry news

      Products of water supply equipment from Ke Feng Yuan

      Release time:2018-10-22 13:56

      Qingdao Ke Feng Yuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
      Water supply pipe, a green, energy-saving, environmental protection pipe, no rust, no scaling, no shrinkage, fluid resistance is small, can effectively reduce energy consumption, improve water supply point, is an ideal pipe network. The water supply pipes are divided into metal pipes, composite pipes and plastic pipes. Metal pipes are mainly divided into copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. Metal pipes are safe, hygienic, durable and many other characteristics. They are the most ideal pipes for home fittings.

      The difference between water supply pipe and drain pipe is:
      1, pressure: there are pressure requirements for water pipes and drainpipes, so it is not entirely possible to use pressure to distinguish them. (reflected on top risers)
      2. Pipe Material: As one netizen said, for small pipes, pipes may be PPR, but large pipes, especially municipal pipes have different requirements. As long as it is embodied, the sanitary conditions of the drainage pipe can be reduced appropriately, and the drainage pipe has silent structure (the drainage pipe is mostly non-full pipe flow).
      3. Pipe Diameter: The minimum drainage pipe is generally DN50, the minimum water supply pipe is DN15, the general municipal pipe, drainage pipe is much larger than water supply pipe.


      The typical representative of the composite pipe is aluminum-plastic pipe, but because of its thermal expansion and cold shrinkage problem, it has been phased out.
      The most commonly used plastic pipe is PPR pipe, safe, non-toxic, easy installation, low price and many other reasons, making it the most commonly used household water pipe. However, due to environmental hormones and other issues, more and more people began to use metal pipes or PPR lined metal pipes as water supply pipelines.
      Water supply pipe performance indicators are more stringent, especially used in drinking water, the need for non-toxic pipes without radiation, can not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances, good corrosion resistance, long service life and other requirements.